About Me

You want to know about me? Issorite. Dominic studied at the prestigious Tai Solarin University where he graduated with Second Class Upper in Business Accounting and Education. Dominic has had a brief stint in the NGO, Advertising as well as in the Oil and Gas industries before starting his own businesses. 

Dominic is the CEO of Dommyfoodie, a registered catering company that promises to cater for busy individuals, families and as well as corporate bodies in terms of food and drinks. He’s also the Principal Partner at ChowMart, a registered foodstuff delivery firm.

When Dominic is not actively busy, he’s a freelance writer, web developer and blogger. In summary, Dominic is a/an Social Worker | Educationist | Blogger | Foodist | Web Developer | Entrepreneur | Chef | Aspiring Chartered Accountant 

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