Africa is Currently fighting Two Viruses

The world is battling with corona virus and it has been claiming lots of lives despite great efforts that is been put in place by many developed countries. But is Africa suffering from only corona virus?

Many African countries have been battling with a virus for decades if not centuries before the emergence of corona virus. What is this virus you may ask? Well, it’s Hungervid!

Hungervid has been tormenting the lives of the poor masses in many of our African countries but because of the selfishness of our leaders, they have done extremely little or nothing at all to fight this virus. This is definitely because hungervid cannot infect the rich, so therefore, it has no urgency. As it stands now, hungervid may claim more lives than corona virus itself. Let’s take Nigeria as a case study.

There has been lockdown in the country for the last 4weeks (and still counting with no end in sight) without adequate provision for her citizens on what to survive on throughout the period. It is also worthy to note that over 50% of the country’s population gets their daily bread on everyday’s wages. Now tell me what will become the fate of these people?

In my opinion, African countries that are still battling with hunger in their countries do not have the right to lockdown the country like the advanced countries do. They need to make provision for the masses and look for other ways to fight off covid-19 and stop copying other countries that have provided basic amenities for their citizens.

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