Corona Virus has Exposed So many Flaws in Nigeria

This corona virus na bastard o and he no get sense. Inasmuch as we no like am, but it has also helped to expose so many lies and fakeness and also brought about relative peace, unity and efficiency.

For starters, if corona virus was hungervid, our leaders will never do anything to alleviate it. If corona virus only plagued Africa alone, our leaders would have flown out of the continent to get themselves treated and won’t care about the poor masses.

Corona virus has also helped in exposing all the fake religious leaders and exposing their fake healing powers which they claimed to have. This would have actually be the best time to claim their spots in the lives of the masses but no, it has always been a lie from the very beginning.

Corona virus has really shown that our politicians are not working because we do not have anything available to combat this disease. Many of these people cannot even stay in their own constituency or state for treatment and that should tell you alot.

You see, this coro brought it’s advantages and disadvantages too. It’s so unfortunate that lives were lost in this grand exposing saga. I pray this would be over soon and when it does, ask yourself some basic questions and answer them truthfully.

1. Do all these religious leaders really care about us (you can also personalise the question)

2. Are these religious leaders really doing God’s will? (First you need to know what God will is)

3. Do these religious leaders really have these healing powers before now? (Abi dem dey whine us ni?)

4. Are my comfortable the way this country is going? (Change begija with you. Stop supporting people blindly because they belong you your tribe or religion)

The questions are endless but ask yourself as much as you can. Forget it, these set of people discussed above do not care about you and I.

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