How Nigeria Leaders Cashed Out on Corona Relief Fund

If I tell you that I’m not ashamed of the happenings in my country, then I’m the greatest liar in the whole universe. I wonder if these people think we are some group of goats that can be told anything silly and expect to get away with it. Anyway, I really can’t blame our current leaders because over 90% of our youths behaves irrational once they are given stipends from their own national treasure.

So we were told that some big men amongst us like Tony Elumelu, Aliko Dangote etc, donated billions of dollars to help curb and fight the spread of corona virus in Nigeria but what did they do with the fund contributed for the fight against covid-19?

So one fine morning, our minister of finance and her cohort came to tell us that fire gutted the office of Accountant Generals office and over N800billion got burnt? Like for real? God, this country is a joke.

This is not the first time this thing is happening in this country o. Some times ago, we were told that a snake swallowed millions of naira and got away with it? We were also told that the government also spent millions of naira to fumigate the office of the president because rats invaded his office. All these cock and bull story is not only appalling but also demeaning our intelligence as citizens.

In conclusion, our leaders are selfish set of people who do not care about how you and I will survive. Since they are selfish and mean, I guess it’s time for us to be too. I pity for any of the poor masses that will lay his/her life for this country. His/her corpse should be cursed, flogged and thrown into the evil forest

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