Our Government Should be Blamed for the Spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria

I blame our government for the spread of corona virus (popularly called Covid-19) in Nigeria. I know some would flare up but before you do, let me tell you why I said what I said.

The first case of corona virus was first reported in February 2020 by an Italian man who has travel histories to countries with the pandemic. The Italian business man was said to have arrived Lagos and later showed symptoms to this deadly disease before he was quarantined and luckily, he has been long healed and discharged. But was that the end to corona virus in Nigeria?

The answer is definitely a NO because as at this moment, the number of active cases we have is almost soaring to 1,000. So how and why do I blame the government for this?

Our government should have taken steps right from the first time this corona virus issue broke out in China and became public. The first thing even a layman would do is ground all flights coming into the country from these affected countries and close all borders. This simple yet important step would have saved us these stresses and deaths.

Even after the index case was confirmed in Nigeria, that action was not also implemented for several weeks. This is why I feel that our government should be held accountable too. The problem has always been that they consider themselves alot and not the masses. I really do not see the big deal closing all our borders on time. Las las na the border we still close for more than a month now.

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