Stop Shading Your Ex

I really don’t like it when people shade and say nasty things about their exes. They should also remember that there was once upon a time when their ex was their prayer point and everything they needed. Just because it didn’t work out between you two does not make them objects of ridicule or items be used for sacrifices.

It’s high time you grow up and move on with your life. For the fact that he/she dumped you doesn’t mean that is the end of life and doesn’t also mean that their lives won’t be great without you. It’s totally fine if you do not want to keep in touch with them but stop shaming them verbally and attitude wise.

Rather than your continuous brooding and suckling why not take that energy to reflect on the good side of them and what you cherished about them. If possible, kindly wish them peace as they move on cos I very much believe you would want the same. Always remember that whatever we wish people sort of have a way of coming back to us. If you want peace and love, wish others that too.

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