Nigerians Can Never Help You on A Normal Circumstances

So I heard one undergraduate boy committed suicide because he was harrased and oppressed by some men of the Nigerian Police Force. The boy in question is a forex trader and maybe someone might have given a wrong information about this guy and his friends, they raided them and treated them unjustly and of cos, extorted them. That’s not even the point here because it’s now a common knowledge that the NPF is not your friend in this country.

Akinade’s tweets

Now, this dude ran into debts and obviously depressed. He tweeted several times about the injustice that was melted out on him on social media but no one even cared despite the fact that he has followers. He tweeted so many times begging to be heard and avenged but No, he’s not a celebrity nor an influencer nor doing any giveaway so why should they care? Finally, the boy committed suicide and you see oju aiye (eye service) everywhere on social media.

Unfortunately, I have studied our pattern in this country. If you have needs or needed help to better your life in terms of career or boosting your business, people will not help you. If you like set up as much crowdfunding as you like, it would not be attended to. Crowdfunding doesn’t work in this country to help someone normally. But as soon as it is a call for funding a burial or an operation, within 24hrs, people will raise N100million.

Now I keep asking, why raise so much for something the person won’t really benefit from? If people should at least raise just 1% of the above sum, someone can start a life and even be a blessing to people around him. Let’s think this thing very well and stop this our eye service. It’s not leading us anywhere.

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