Are Nigeria Senators Really Considering Banning the Importation of Generating Set?

This should probably be one of our jokes in this country but if it is true, then the happenings in this country is growing from annoying to nerve breaking.

I saw online where it was said that law markers have proposed that the importation of generating set should be banned and those who default will be risking a jail term upto 10years. I even heard the reading has passed its first hearing. But is this normal at all?

Our law markers are very quick to bring and passing trivial matters but leave out the real deals. How can these people be looking at banning the importation of generators when they have not even fixed the underlying problem?

Do you know that generator is saving more lives in this country than Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN)? Do you know how many businesses that would collapse if these bill against generating set is passed?

Well, let’s see how this would go and where it would lead us to, but we are becoming a comic nation if you ask me.

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