Does China Owes the World an Apology?

We all know that this deadly virus currently tormenting the world at large originated from Wuhan China since November last year. So many people have verbally expressed their anger against China while some are calling that they should be held responsible for the outbreak of corona virus. But should China really be held accountable for corona virus?

Well from my own point of view, I don’t really think China should be held responsible for CAUSING corona virus. If truly this virus came naturally and not manufactured, then it would be unjust to hold them accountable for causing it because it can happen to any country. These things are natural phenomenal and humans can’t really influence them.

For the fact that I said China shouldn’t be held accountable for CAUSING corona virus, I think they should be sanctioned for abusing animals all in the name of food (imagine this one here).

I know some people will say that China didn’t speak up on time thus risking the lives of billions of people on the planet.

In their defense, I really don’t think they know that this could get out of hand and besides, it would have been like a shame to them considering the fact that they are been close to becoming a world power.

In whatever anyone wants to do to them they can go ahead but I just feel it will be unfair and inhuman to accuse them for causing corona virus if really it was not manufactured.

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