Many Nigerians Merchants are Greedy and Inconsiderate

We are living in a time like this where one’s survival is threatened and greatly at risk. Government officials of many affected countries are doing all they could to bring this virus to a halt by shutting down everything completely and ordered that everyone should stay at home.

Staying at home means that one wouldn’t have to go to work or step outside unnecessarily. This would require that everyone stock up their houses with food ingredients to last them for at least two weeks. People are buying hand sanitizers and face mask to protect themselves and loved one too.

It is very unfortunate to know that many Nigerians merchants are hiking the prices of commodities. This is very wrong to say the least. Before now, the price of the regular face mask is 2 pieces for N50, but now, just one is been sold for N200. That’s over 1,000% profit. This is very bad!

What about hand sanitizer? This used to be between the range of N500-N1,000 but now, the smallest size is been sold between N3,500- N4,500.

It is high time for us in this country to start having sense and do the right thing. When we face tragedy as a nation, let’s learn to help one another genuinely and not exploit them. Trying to make profit now during this pandemic period is 100% greed and nothing more. God will not forgive you. Take it or you leave it.

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