Take Preventive Measures During this Corona Virus Period

It is no longer news that this deadly disease called corona virus has spread in over 100+ countries and it’s still spreading despite all measures been put in place by various governments, organisations and high profile individuals. It is can be spread through handshakes, hugging and touching objects that has been contaminated.

The reason why it is very deadly is because it can last up to hours to days when it touches some surfaces. Now the big question is this, how can I protect myself and loved ones against corona virus?

Please always wash your hands regularly with soap and water, use alcohol based hand sanitizer, cover your mouth when either coughing or sneezing, stop touching your face and avoid handshakes. Do not also forget to maintain social distancing.

The truth of the matter is that nobody is truly free no matter how careful we are. It’s unfortunate that someone who might be careful and self-isolating can still get infected courtesy of others. So we all need to help one another in other to fight this common enemy called corona virus.

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