Things you Need to know urgently about Depression

Depression is real and it shouldn’t be handled with levity. There are lots of factors that can cause one to be depressed. These could be: 

  1. Losing a source of income 
  2. Losing loved ones to death 
  3. Breakup 
  4. Natural disasters 
  5. Terminal illness 
  6. Reloacation 
  7. Abuse of any sort etc. 

The list to what can cause depression is endless. The most important thing you need to do is to get help and also help yourself as much as you can. If you do give up without a fight, that could be dangerous and can lead to suicidal.

Here are some things you probably need to do to help keep depression to the barest minimum.

1. Stop isolating yourself: When you isolate yourself, the more your thoughts will over power you. Go out, visit trusted friends and family members. If you live alone, you can invite friends for short stays or even get a roommateĀ 

2. Speak Out: Everyone is probably busy trying to make ends meet. Nobody might notice that you are passing through anything. You need to speak up so that the right people can help. Do not always assume people will find out and ask you. Just speak up even if you think no one will listen or understand how you feel

3. Take positive steps: No matter what is the cause of your depression, just know it can be overcomed. Take positive steps in making yourself feel better. Make a conscious effort in taking your mind off the problem. I know it’s not easy and sometimes your mind can wander off to it without you been able to control it. But if you make a conscious effort, with time you will overcome

4. Pray constantly: We cannot over estimate the power of prayers. Pray constantly. The power of depression is very strong and has lead several persons to commit suicide. If you pour out your hearts to God in prayer, he’s sure to answer you.
Am very sure if you apply these practical steps above, you will certainly come out a victor.

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