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Some Appalling and Inappropriate Responses

There are some conversations that I consider rude and inappropriate and I will list as many as I can remember. I know I can’t be the only one who shares this sentiment alone. When someone chats you up with the word “good morning”, it is appropriate at least to reply …

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Why are Most Step-Mothers Wicked?

From the time I have been very little, I have always known most stepmothers to be extremely wicked. I grew up in an environment that was quite populated and know some children who have stepmothers. Most of them had stepmothers simply because they lost their mothers at a very tender …

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Are you proud of Nigeria?

Are you proud of your motherland Nigeria and how do you rate it in terms of everything? Should you be proud of her or abhor her with every strength you’ve got? Well for me, I am proud of my country Nigeria and I believe that there is no place like …

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Do you know what is Finesse?

Finesse is not a nice thing in the strictest sense lol. There is this song by Pheelz ft Burju titled Finesse that is currently trending it’s quite dope and I am currently learning its lyrics. Since it’s trending, I have seen so many people updating both their Facebook and WhatsApp …

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How to Become Financially Stable this Year

Financial stability

Are you financially okay at the moment? I promised to drop some financial tips some time ago but I got so engaged that I forgot to. I had a conversation with someone yesterday and I just felt I should do this. It is no longer a new thing to us …

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Stop been a Toxic Stanner


Have you had a conversation with a typical stanner? Oh, you do not understand what I mean by a “stanner” that is “stanning”? lol alright, I will explain. I do not know if the word “stanning” is a correct English language but “stan” means to support. As I said, I …

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Movie Review: Tyrant Part Two

Tyrant 2

CLICK HERE FOR PREVIOUSLY ON TYRANT Jamal had Bassam sedated and got someone else with the same physique as did his brother. It was a common practice in Abuddin to cover the face of a person sentenced to death by hanging. After the country had thought that Bassam had been …

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Alexx Ekubo ruined his marriage with Fancy Achonolu

alexx ekubo

I said what I said and yes don’t look at me like that? Alexx Ekubo is the one who used his hands to ruin his marriage with Fancy. There is something he did not understand, once you’re a public figure/celebrity, there are some things automatically fame has removed from you …

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Does fighting for God make any sense?

fighting for God

Ok, we have seen so many religious extremists wage different kinds of wars in different parts of the world with the excuse that they are fighting for a good cause and in fact, they are doing so in defending the “God” that they worship. But does that even make any …

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Show Love to People While They are Still Alive

show love

Once a person commits suicide, everyone comes to social media to say “they could have spoken to them” but they forget that many a time, these victims try to reach out to people whom they never get any response from. We are very good at showing fake love when someone …

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