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Movie Review: Tyrant Part One


I know that the Tyrant American series has been long but I’m still watching it, lol. Although I started watching it let’s say in 2014 or so it was only season one that was out then. I made several attempts to continue it but they kept taking time in releasing …

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My Experience at Saki Oyo State


Have you heard or been to Saki? It was my host community during my NYSC and I spent one year of my life here and I’m glad I did. Without mincing words, Saki indigenes are extremely accomodating, especially to non-indigenes. I saw and felt the love. I enjoyed protection, free …

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What it means to be served Breakfast


Have you heard someone say he/she has been served breakfast or vice versa? Or perhaps you have been hearing people say things like they know someone who got served breakfast and you’re silently wishing “God When”? Well, I’d implore you to stop wishing for something you do not understand, lol. …

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The Bitter Truth about the Work of a President


This is going to be a really short post but I just needed to write this. I have watched several American series such as Scandal, Tyrant, House of Cards, etc., to realize that the work of a President is enormous. We need to be honest here, the work of any …

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Is there really a God?


Many are asking this question and many have already concluded that there is no God. But is there a God? It’s understandable for those who have suffered some degree of hurt, such as the death of a loved one, hunger, war, genocide, sickness etc., to conclude that there isn’t any …

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NNU Income is a Fraud like MMM

NNU Income

Nigerian news update popularly called NNU is said to be a news portal that pays individuals for reading news from their website. According to them, reading a post attract the sum of N2 to the reader while commenting is N1 per article. Sharing of sponsored posts per day is N100 …

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Before People Incite You to Violence, Think About These


I know we all know what violence is but in a layman’s language, it’s when someone or a group of persons causes unrest by using weapons to harm other people. It’s always a terrible and fearful sight. As they say, there is no smoke without fire. Some people are agents …

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How to Stay Safe This Election Period


If you live in Nigeria you will agree with me that it’s no longer news that the election comes up this 2019. 16th February 2019 has been set aside for the presidential election while 2nd march 2019 is for the governorship election. As we have all known, this period is …

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