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Yahoo Yahoo, Modern Day Money Ritual


Yahoo Yahoo is the nickname given by Nigerians for internet fraud. Thus a ‘Yahoo Boy or Girl’ is known as an internet fraudster. Yahoo Yahoo Modus Operandi (which they call ‘format’) varies in which they use to dishonestly extract money from unsuspecting individuals (called ‘maga’). These formats include; Posing as …

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Movie: Who has seen Scandal?


No doubt this is one of my dopiest series of all time; and if you have not seen this series, Biko goan look for it and watch it. Trust me, it’s worth the time and investment. Scandal is kinda centered on political and crime scenes, and we’ve got a lady …

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Ladies, protect your underwear and family

protect your underwear

There is a need for ladies to protect their underwear. It is no longer news that some nonentities are going around stealing the underwear of ladies for ritual purposes. Since this development is surprising, you still need to remember that this is the end time. Just like the good book …

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A Foodstuff Suppliers called Chow Mart Now in Lagos State

chow mart

A foodstuff company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Chow and Food Ingredients Mini Mart (BN 2722350) but popularly called Chow Mart has opened its operations in Lagos. According to the website, Chow Mart has come to alleviate the stress of sourcing foodstuff in our local markets from …

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2019 Goodwill Message from Dominic Golden

This is my goodwill message for the year 2019. The year 2018 has been quite an exciting and eventful year. I’m so glad that we started and ended it on a fine note. I had a gate-away somewhere in the southwest of the country and I had loads of fun. …

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Why I dislike Tariq St. Patrick


I know some of you will say my own is too much with this POWER series of a thing but you can’t blame me na. I still have plenty of time at hand and I’m still watching this TV series. I am currently on season five and this Tariq of …

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Meet the CEO of Cyndycanbraid


Cyndycanbraid is not just your random hair plug. although much is not known about the goddess of faux locks and braids the little I was able to gather is that she’s quite a private individual. The hair guru popularly called Cyndy but born Cynthia Ijeoma Oleru studied Science Lab Tech …

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