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Things you must consider when engaging in Rag Day

In my last post I talked about what RAG Day is. If you missed it, kindly read it HERE. Like i said, inasmuch as Rag day is a fun day for most students, it will be appropriate to keep these safety tips in mind when ragging. USE YOUR SCHOOL ID: During …

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What is Rag Day?

RAG day is always an interesting day for students, especially for Jambite (100L students are usually referred to as Jambites). RAG simply means RAISE AND GIVE. The primary purpose of the RAG day celebration is to show love to the less privileged in our society. Since its fun for students …

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Who is a Direct Entry Student?

direct entry

I have been asked too often who is a Direct Entry student. Well to answer that, let me, first of all, tell you that Direct Entry can also be referred to as DE. The word direct entry is usually used for students/applicants trying to seek admission into a higher institution …

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Ways to Pursue Peace at Home

How do you pursue peace at home? Nobody is immune to anger or getting angry. We live in a world where people get on our nerves or are not pleased with what we do or how we do them. Since it is justifiable to a reasonable degree to be angry, …

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Want to be a Guest Poster?

Hello, are you a guest poster or writer, and are you looking at publishing your mind-blowing articles for the world to see? Dominic Golden Blog is pleased to announce to you that we are currently accepting guest posting on our blog and we will be pleased to have you on …

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Why Most Job Applicants are Never Picked

There are so many reasons most job applicants are never picked and that’s what I will be discussing in this article. I will go straight to the point and try as much as possible to keep it brief and short. Most job applicants are the architect of their failures. Why …

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