2019 Goodwill Message from Dominic Golden

This is my goodwill message for the year 2019. The year 2018 has been quite an exciting and eventful year. I’m so glad that we started and ended it on a fine note. I had a gate-away somewhere in the southwest of the country and I had loads of fun. I’m optimistic that you did too? I quite sympathize with anyone who lost a dear one to death in the year 2018. It’s quite unfortunate and I share in your pain. For we being alive doesn’t mean that we are more righteous and upright than they were, it’s just the eventuality and unforeseen occurrences of life that took place.

My sincere prayer and wish for every one of us is that may we be successful, productive, and fruitful. May all our positive heart desires come to pass this 2019. For everything that we have been asking God Almighty, may it locate us this year! I also want to urge us that we shouldn’t give up. We need to be more productive so that our prayers can have a basis on which to work. What do I mean by this? Let me explain more plainly.

You see, problems to which we seek solutions can be likened to being sick. You know every sick person wants to get well thus they take medication and pray. In that way, they get better because they did the right thing by taking medication. So prayer aided the medication (as it were). The same is applicable here. If you are industrious and prayerful, God can bless that little legit efforts you make, unlike someone who does nothing (lazy bone) but prays to God for a Ferrari or a mansion in the choicest city. That’s just a mirage and such prayer can never be answered (it’s not a curse).

So for us to want answers to our prayers, we need to be industrious in our little way. I pray may all of us win in the end.  It must end in praise!

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