A foodstuff company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Chow and Food Ingredients Mini Mart (BN 2722350) but popularly called Chow Mart has opened its operations in Lagos.

According to the website, Chow Mart has come to alleviate the stress of sourcing for foodstuff in our local markets from busy individuals, families and even corporate bodies. The logic is very simple, once a buyer orders for foodstuff via their website or mobile app, they dive into our ever busy markets, buy whatever foodstuff they need and deliver them to your doorstep. The interesting thing about this company is that all prices are what is obtainable in our local markets. They are more of an errand company strictly for foodstuff and edible items.

You can check them out by visiting their website www.chowmart.com.ng or downloading “Chow Mart App” from Google Playstore. A trial they say will convince you. You can also follow them on all socials Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ChowMart.