It’s obviously not a news anymore that Nigeria will be holding its general election (usually takes place every four years) come February 16th this year. I had written an article on how to stay safe this period. It is also not a news that the body responsible for the conduction of elections in Nigeria, INEC do make use of NYSC serving Corpers as part of the officials who are responsible in the conduction of the election nationwide. These youth Corpers are mostly used as assistants to the principal officers from the commission. Inasmuch as we keep denying the fact that elections are sort of bloody, we still do not want to take chances. Please and please if you are a serving corper and you choose to participate in the conduction of this election, please take note of the following points

  1. The first and most important is this, DO NOT ACCEPT BRIBE OF ANY SORT. I beg you in the name of God almighty, do not accept any form of bribe. As a matter of fact, if anybody within the perimeter of the polling unit gives you money for “MINERAL” do not accept. By accepting this money, it may actually be a binding force between the two of you. They may want you to reciprocate by doing whatever they ask you to do. It will be very difficult for someone to ask or coerce you into doing favors for them when you haven’t taken anything from them
  2. Do not discuss politics openly with anyone including with your fellow Corpers. Even if you guys are in a cluster and the discussion comes up, if you can’t change the topic, leave that place. Many have unknowingly implicated themselves by discoursing and boasting about political issues openly
  3. On the day of election, do not shout any slogan of any political party. A voter may come to where you are and start shouting a particular political party slogan, do not be tempted to respond. If you are already programmed to auto respond, it’s high time you reprogram yourself.
  4. Do not help any voter to make a choice of candidate to vote for. Granted, some voters may want to participate but may either been torn in-between who to vote for or are just totally clueless, do not suggest any party for such person. Rather you can direct them to INEC officials present or respectfully ask the person to step aside and return when he/she has made up their mind on who to vote for
  5. If peradventure a chaos breaks out, Oga Ade, gbe body e. don’t go and be forming Van Dan for INEC matter. Remember your daddy and mummy who labored just to see you graduate. Remember your siblings who inconvenienced themselves one way or the other just to make sure you finished your education at the university. You didn’t die of hunger in school, you didn’t die because of cultist matter for school, and you didn’t die after several trekking to school. Don’t come and die at polling unit or because of election matter. Pity your family I use God take beg you.
  6. I will also suggest that if you live in a Corpers lodge, as much as it depends on you, leave that vicinity after election. As a matter of fact, as you are leaving the polling arena after the voting exercise are ended, just go somewhere else other than the lodge.

As a serving Corper, reduce your waka waka this period. Remember that most of you are serving in a distant land are you are a JJC when it comes to that environment. Respect your old age and do normal. Be as neutral as you can be. Do not discuss anything to do with that election until the official result is out. Do not be the first to suggest which party is leading on or not. Do not allow the court to call you in as a witness if peradventure there is a disagreement between the political parties.

Na the money wey I get I don dash una. God not allow all our labor, our parents’ struggles and our siblings’ sacrifices to be in vain.