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Alexx Ekubo ruined his marriage with Fancy Achonolu

I said what I said and yes don’t look at me like that? Alexx Ekubo is the one who used his hands to ruin his marriage with Fancy. There is something he did not understand, once you’re a public figure/celebrity, there are some things automatically fame has removed from you or will make you stop doing. Everything comes at a price.

A wedding that was to take place in November 2021 is something they have started broadcasting from the 3rd of May. When I saw it I was already worried for him coupled with the fact that he has once had a scandal(s). I understand there is some joy you can’t keep to yourself but making known the wedding date and venue/destination pretty early was a No-No.

See if you live in Rome, you behave like the Romans is what people usually say. You know you live in a society where everybody is an investigator and catches cruise with almost everything. I just felt you shouldn’t have given out so much information at a go. All this information is usually given out a few days before the D-day. Not making your personal affairs public does not mean that someone has something to hide. Public figures are also entitled to private life should they opt in to do so.

I am so sorry his wedding to Fancy was called off after the whole funfair and I know it can be humiliating. Anyways, it’s better it got canceled even before it started cos it would have been more humiliating, annoying, and heart-wrecking to have spent so much money and the likes and yet the union didn’t stand the test of time.

I wish Alexx and Fancy find the peace and love they both seek. Love and Light xoxo.

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