Are you proud of Nigeria?

Are you proud of your motherland Nigeria and how do you rate it in terms of everything? Should you be proud of her or abhor her with every strength you’ve got? Well for me, I am proud of my country Nigeria and I believe that there is no place like home. I know that the country is not where it should be globally in terms of infrastructure, economy, safety, and the rest due to corruption by some of these elected leaders of ours, however, I believe we will get to our “promised land” someday. But before then, what do we as an individual need to do to make this country a better place for us and for those who wish to visit us? Be the change you want to see and as they say, change begins with you and me.

First and foremost, you need to believe in your country before someone else will see it that way. Let them see your country through you and this requires you to conduct yourself and be an ambassador of your country wherever you go. Speak positivity about your country and defend her honor when traveling. Many of us take this for granted because some of us have not had the opportunity of traveling to another country other than yours then you will appreciate what you have.

Remember, I talked about you being an ambassador of your country wherever you go? How can you do that? Speak about your country and prophecy positive things and tell all who care to listen that we will get there and it’s a matter of time. Be open and honest. Follow rules and regulations of your country, respect those in an elected position, keep your environment clean, pay your taxes regularly and as when due, be your brother’s keeper, shun violence, political thuggery, bribery, corruption, tribalism, religious sentiment and embrace peace. We are a great nation with many talents. In terms of education, we are making waves in the world, in terms of sports especially football we are there, what about natural resources? We are abundantly blessed.

So arise compatriots and harken to the voice of Nigeria and obey, to serve our fatherland in love and strength and faith thus not allowing the labor of our heroes past to be in vain. Therefore let’s serve with our might because we are one nation bound in peace and unity.

God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.

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