Attributes of A Psychologically Weak Person

It is pretty easy to spot someone who is psychologically weak in terms of how they talk, act and react. Anyone who talks ill about other people or destroys the reputations of others behind them is referred to as a psychologically weak person. I am not referring to the physical illness of someone who is either not mentally stable or suffering from down syndrome but to those who talk ill about others just to either buy favor or to make themselves feel good. Anyone who is psychologically weak or dead does not see the good in others.

Another name for them is a pessimist. They tend to blow their trumpets to the high heavens and view themselves as cynosures. Talking ill of others, backbiting, backstabbing, castigating, condemning and the rest of it gives them pleasure. Psychologically weak people do not take responsibility when things do not go as planned rather they blame others for their misfortune.

Here are some pointers on how to spot psychologically weak people and possible ways to avoid them.

  1. They always talk about others: If you know someone who always talks about the flaws of others anytime you guys get together, you may need to watch that relationship. If that’s all that person can offer, the relationship is as good as nothing. You need to tell him/her off immediately if you can but if you can’t you need to keep off from such a person because if you don’t, sooner than later you will be like him/her
  2. They argue a lot: I’m not saying that everyone who argues is a potential psychologically weak person but whenever you notice over a long period that this person doesn’t take to correction and always proves he/she knows it all, then you need to do the needful. Stay away!
  3. Oversabi: Ok oversabi means someone who knows it all. Psychologically weak people are always discreet in their own eyes and feel like they know it all. They are not a team player and always want to seek personal recognition in group activities
  4. Rude and proud: These people are extremely rude especially if you do not share their ideas and beliefs and they tend to look down on others a lot. Most times, they secretly wish for the failure of others especially when they have contrary opinions about an issue.

So always be on the lookout so you do not fall either into this category or be evenly acquainted with someone who is psychologically weak.

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