We need to be extremely careful cos this life is really a mystery and lots of unbelievables are happening daily. I just read online where a dude alleged that some friends of his poisoned his leg all because he was billed to travel out of the country to play football. Since I read this piece on Facebook, I have been thinking “is this life all there is”? How can people be this jealous and wicked? But come to think of it, if my friend or friends made it financially, it will sort of rub off on me too. Won’t it?  So why beef their success? 

In this world we are living in, we really need to be careful of the things we do. You really need to be extremely careful on what you share on social media. Everybody can never be genuinely happy for your success. Limit your success stories to your immediate family (that’s if love still exist among you guys). Do not let people predict your financial life. You may be in great danger without knowing. May God Almighty keep protecting us all. 

For those of you that wants to read the story, I have attached the link HERE