Can you Share Same Toothbrush with Partner?

If someone should ask you if you can share your toothbrush with your partner be it your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, what would be your response? I know someone who vehemently refuses to do such as it is considered a personal effect and can lead to oral infection and the rest. Well, that is very true and correct. But, if your answer to the above question is a resounding No or a weak one, please allow me to kindly disagree with you.

Except you do not have intimacy with your partner and do not exchange any body fluid such as saliva or blood, I would agree with your response but if the reverse is the case, you should better start sharing your toothbrush with your partner. Whatever your reason for not wanting or cannot share your toothbrush with your partner might be, it may not be a valid reason to me.

You may want to claim that it might disgust you considering he/she might be brushing the “inner caucus” lol of his/her mouth but please let me ask you a question? When you guys have a French kiss, was there no saliva exchange? It wasn’t disgusting to you then simply because you were in the mood and very horny? Weldone sir/ma.

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