Consequences of Online Marriage

The online marriage I am referring to here is not the type of you meeting your spouse or lover online but rather the type where you bring everything that is happening in your private life online. Anything online is considered public and if you choose to be bringing your personal life to the public, you do not have the right or the capability to control how people react to them. How do I mean? Let’s take this for example.

Let’s assume you post your baby bump online or you always post them online and maybe the reason why you posted it is for people to like or appreciate your body, but you are getting a negative response from a selected few or from everyone, you do not have the right to shun anyone because the moment you choose to post anything you consider personal online, you have somehow lost the right to not to be criticized.

Imagine in the scenario above after posting your baby bump and someone says you look horrible. I know it will hurt right? But in a second look, that’s the person’s point of view and he/she is entitled to it nonetheless even though he/she might have expressed themselves rudely.

So if you do not want to be dragged online or you are someone who takes things too personally, limit or mind the things you bring or post online because the moment you do so, you have technically given others the right to express how they feel about it because the internet space is for all and sundry.

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