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Dear Married Women, Becareful How you treat your Husband Friends

I know the bible says that a man will leave his parents and will clinch to his wife and they will become one body and one flesh. Nobody is arguing that fact. Married women should also know that no one is contesting with them for their husbands. They need to realize that before they married their husband, he had a life, had friends, and may probably have more friends even after marriage.

There is nothing that gives a boost to marriage than when wives accept their husbands’ friends with open arms. You do not need to be hostile towards them or use body language to chase them away. To be frank with you, good husband friends do more behind the scenes to protect your marriage from falling apart. Most husbands discuss their fears, concerns, and worries with their friends before letting them out.

Your attitude towards them will determine whether they will be for or against you. As soon as you start realizing that your husband’s friends are great tools for your marriage, go marriage to you!

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