Do you know what is Finesse?

Finesse is not a nice thing in the strictest sense lol. There is this song by Pheelz ft Burju titled Finesse that is currently trending it’s quite dope and I am currently learning its lyrics. Since it’s trending, I have seen so many people updating both their Facebook and WhatsApp status on how they are finesse et al. But again I ask myself, do these people know the meaning of finesse? Or is it that they just like the word “Finesse” because it sounds “tush or posh”? Watch the video below first before I continue what I am saying.

Well, it’s not like the word is so bad but most people do not know what finesse means. Finesse is not another word for poise or sophistication or tush just like I overheard someone trying to explain it to someone else. Finesse means when someone is trying to be crafty or dishonest or manipulate something or someone.  There is no way the meaning or explanation of finesse is near sophistication or fierce.
Anyways, this new jam is dope, and irrespective of what it means, I like it. If you listen to the lyrics of this song, you will realize that the song is speaking of a playboy who wants to have a good time without any emotional attachment or a playboy who would use sweet words or material things to get any lady of his choice without attaching strings. So when next you hear someone use the word “finesse” on you, the better look is well well, lol.

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