fighting for God

Does fighting for God make any sense?

Ok, we have seen so many religious extremists wage different kinds of wars in different parts of the world with the excuse that they are fighting for a good cause and in fact, they are doing so in defending the “God” that they worship. But does that even make any sense?

See everything isn’t divine or mysterious or whatever excuse you need to cause chaos or mayhem which will disrupt the peace and unity of others. You do not need divinity to have common sense cos it is something you can have from observing, reading, and studying. How can you possibly be fighting for God? Like does that make sense? If you really understand the meaning of God Almighty or you even understand what it is to believe or have faith in someone or something you cannot see but yet reverence and pay obeisance to, you will know that those who engage in these silly wars or causing unrest do not have common sense.

A “God” is someone or something you believe in so much that he/she/it is capable of protecting, providing, and safeguarding you if you give in your loyalty, faithfulness, and allegiance. Your God is literally that one person or thing that you can rest assured of his protection for even when other human factors fail you. So if you agree with me, does it still make sense for someone to wake up one day and say he/she wants to fight for God because his/her god has suffered injustice or whatever?

See if you need to fight for your god in other to feel better or fulfilled or whatever, I think you need a change of god cos indirectly, you are a god to that your god cos he/she/it is not capable of protecting you rather you are the one protecting it.

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