Don’t kill Yourself, Big Brother Nigeria will not Choose You

For those of you who do not know when they happen, let me gist you small. I heard that the annual auditioning for Big Brother Nigeria popularly called BBN took place on the 1st of February 2019 in major cities in Nigeria (Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Benin, etc) and the organizer is MultiChoice (owners of DSTV and GOTV).

The Lagos auditioning was held at Allen avenue Ikeja and I heard people numbering over 31,000 came for the Lagos auditioning alone for a program that does not require not more than 30 contestants (really don’t know how many they need though) and lots of things happened. Over 30% of those who went for the auditioning sustained different types of injuries while some persons lost their lives. It was indeed a terrible sight. Now despite everything, almost all of them didn’t get in not to talk of being auditioned.

See, before you apply for something, read, read, read. Don’t go because someone you know did or is doing it. They say information is power. Make research and know whether you are qualified or not. Don’t just apply. I can bet that over 70% of those who went for auditioning do not know what it entails. All they want is to win millions of naira by walking around naked in BBN house.

Let me tell you a little secret no one has told you or let’s say the one you probably didn’t care to find out. I dare you to make research on the previous housemates since the inception of the program. Have you asked yourself why don’t they do throwbacks of when they were hustling to be in the BBN house? Why aren’t they sharing their success stories of how they made it into the house? If you look at all the contestants that had ever been to the house, they had a name before now. All of them were either presenters, actresses, actors, music producers, singers, content creators, pilots, business persons, professionals, etc., who had made an impact on the society sort of.

All of them were celebrities (so to say) but may not be the regular household names like Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Genevieve Nnaji, etc., or do you think Miracle left his pilot job to the queue and be pushing at Allen Avenue? If you do want to be featured in the BBN house, why not start now by building up a career for yourself? The advert was just to fulfill all righteousness. They have a long list of people who are contributing to society and they pick from there. You will not know this cos you do not know these housemates because they are not the regular faces. If a big brother should choose the guy who produces beats for Terry G for example, will you know he’s a celebrity before? You wouldn’t because he is not a known face unlike Terry G. so that’s the type of people BBN chooses. I dare you to make research on Tobi Bakare, Teddy A, Bam Bam, Miracle, etc. As they say, he that has ears should hear.

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