There has been lots of agitation from Nigerian youths to end SARS activities in Nigeria. The original plan of establishing this SARS by the police was to protect lives and property. SARS which stands for Special Anti-Robbery Squad on the other hand has chosen to terrorize people especially the youths. There has been many instances where SARS has caused the deaths of many youths. It’s either they are chasing them, shooting indiscriminately or beating guys to death.

SARS also has turned into a venture where they accuse every guy of been an internet fraudster (popularly called Yahoo Yahoo) and failure to agree to their terms, you will be charged with crimes you know nothing about. I think it’s high time SARS should be done away with. But will that really bring to an end the injustice melted out to youths by the Nigerian Police Force? I think No! 
The system needs a thorough reform. Most of these police officers do not know the law and they need to be taught what are the rights of individuals as well as their boundaries.