How to Stay Safe This Election Period

If you live in Nigeria you will agree with me that it’s no longer news that the election comes up this 2019. 16th February 2019 has been set aside for the presidential election while 2nd march 2019 is for the governorship election. As we have all known, this period is very critical and some amount of tension abound. Here are some pointers to what you should do to help stay safe before and during this election period.

  1. Always tell at least one person of your movement. “I am coming” is not a description. Give a trusted person as many details as possible so they can know your whereabouts
  2. Avoid keeping late at night. You will agree with me that most evil deeds are performed more at night. Although keeping late night isn’t a good thing but at least make that sacrifice until this period pass
  3. If possible, stop discussing politics in a large gathering and if you must do, be careful of what you say. Do not criticize any opponent you do not like or approve of
  4. If you must vote, do so without much bragging, and after that, go home
  5. Do not disclose who you are voting for and even if you are approached, be tactful yet firm
  6. Do not take bribes and even if it’s a must for you to accept it (which is extremely bad and you will regret it for the rest of your life), do not collect from different political parties. If they find out, it may result into a big problem
  7. For parents/guardians, avoid sending your child/ward to a far distant alone. Kidnappers abound now as most politicians have been accused of using human parts for sacrifices
  8. Be security conscious and report any unknown face around your territory

May God continue to protect us now and always. Amen!

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