Is there really a God?

Many are asking this question and many have already concluded that there is no God. But is there a God? It’s understandable for those who have suffered some degree of hurt, such as the death of a loved one, hunger, war, genocide, sickness etc., to conclude that there isn’t any God. They argue that if there was a maker, he/she would have been moved to solve their problems or alleviate their suffering as an Almighty Being. If you think this way, it’s not wrong of you as you are not alone in this thought. I have thought about it in the past but here is what I concluded without trying to attach religious sentiments.

As I mentioned, I had also thought about religion if there was a God and why does he/she not do anything to alleviate the suffering of humans. But as time passes, I came to realize that there is actually a God and I will try and explain it as much as I can without attaching religion sentiments. You might be wondering what he might look like? Or how he came about? They say he has no beginning or an ending, is that true? How? I heard that when the world was null and void, he was hovering about. What enabled him to hover? And if he was residing somewhere before the heavens of heavens were created, who ‘dropped’ that place he was staying, etc.

The questions are endless but I wouldn’t want you to concern yourself with that. He’s Almighty and perfect, so you and I can’t answer that because we do not even know what it means or feels like to be perfect. Now I will make a few points below that gave me the assurance that God does exist.

  1. Have you observed the starry heavens at night? Do you see how beautiful it is? Well, I’m not a science student but I will try my little best to explain it with a layman’s knowledge. According to scientists, if one star should fall to the earth, no human can survive. That means that a star is larger than the earth. Have you heard the word ‘Galaxy’? Well, we were also told that millions of stars makes up a galaxy and there are about 100 billion of the galaxy so far. NASA is suggesting that the number may increase to 200 billion since the technology of telescopes is still improving. Do you think this came by chance or by evolution? Or there is an intelligent designer behind the scene?
  2. Take a look at the plants, humans, and even the animals. They all bring forth the same species of their kind. Do you think it’s by chance?
  3. Have you seen amazing structures and objects that humans are manufacturing? But do you also know that each of these structures and objects are imitating or trying to make a resemblance of natural creatures or their characteristics? Let’s take for instance the airplane (flying creatures of the heavens like birds), ships and boats (creatures living in water), machine guns (with the speed of lightning), and skyscrapers (mountains). There are more and more things to compare with
  4. Have you watched documentaries on nature? Have you seen the very details of the solar system? The detailed functions of every part of the human body? Do you know the very essence of the lightning, sun, moon, thunders, rain, wind, climate, galaxies, and all the orbits?

You will see they are not there for decoration but serve different purposes to enhance life and living. They are not thereby chance or coincidence. There is indeed an intelligent creator behind them all and life does not come by evolution. All these didn’t develop themselves and even if you argue that life started by evolution (Big Bang) then there must be a force behind the explosion! There is God and his name is Jehovah whom the Muslims call Allah (SWT). He is One and not a three-in-one God and he has no equal. Although, he cannot be seen because he’s invisible but his qualities can be seen in the things he has made. Just like we cannot see the wind but we can feel it whenever it’s present. You may be wondering how we know he is a ‘HE’ and not a ‘SHE’ since he’s invisible?

Well, a ‘HE’ can be used in different contexts depending on what you are talking about. It could mean both genders just like you say ‘Man must not live by bread alone. The Man is referring to both genders. Also, God can be called a ‘HE’ too because a man is known to be the head of a family and since God is the creator, he’s our head too. So it is fitting to use a ‘HE’ for God. It has got nothing to do with gender discrimination.

I hope I have been able to convince you in my little way that God does exist. You sort of need to make more research about him on your own. I know there are different views about him but trust me when you find out the truth about him, you will surely know how to find him. Here are some pointers below

  • Start with his creation. Read about them and meditate on them
  • When you make up your mind to find him, make sure that all you are been taught harmonizes with the Holy Scriptures, and if they can’t meaningfully explain them, then you are in a wrong religion

Continue your search for God and you will find him. God sees the heart of everyone.

But if God does exist, why does he allow bad things to happen to good people? Well, we leave in a bad world and bad things can happen to good people too but God is going to act in due time.

Let’s assume this scenario. You are a teacher, teaching some group of students. One of them stood up and said you are telling a lie and the equation isn’t right. As a good teacher, what would you do? Shut the student up or spank the student? Hell No! You would want to allow the student who challenged you to show you and the class the best way to solve it. If he/she is unable to, then the whole class will know that you are an intelligent teacher and the student is been foolish.

The same applies to why people suffer. The one who causes people to do bad things, Satan has challenged the right of God’s rule and so to say, God has stepped aside for Satan to show humans the best way to rule. But unfortunately, the results are death, hunger, suffering, sickness, etc. When the time is right, God will right all the wrongs.

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