There is need for ladies to protect their underwears. It is no longer news that some nonentities are going around stealing underwear of ladies for ritual purposes. Inasmuch as this development is surprising and shocking, you still need to remember that this is the end time. Just like the good book prophesied that in the last days, things like this will be happening. So it’s not something we can stop or control but we can definitely put in some measures to safeguard ourselves and loved ones. Here are possible solutions I think can work

  1. Never spread your underwear outside after wash (especially if you live in a shared environment)
  2. Never dispose your underwear in the trash can. It is advisable you shred and burn until it turns to ashes before flushing it down the toilet or burying it
  3. For nursing mothers, do not dispose the diapers of your babies in the trash can again. Some of this useless individuals go to refuse dump ground where all these trucks that carries dirt dump their refuse to source for these items. Gather your used diapers, sun dry them and burn at night or anytime convenient for you
  4. If you are a student, do not leave your underwear in your hostel and travel

May God save us from the hands of desperate wannabe Millionaires!