I know much of you haven’t heard of SoupaMarket and do not know what it’s all about. Well, just like the name implies, it’s a supermarket for soup thus named SoupaMarket (lol, don’t mind me o, that’s my own interpretation of the name but I believe am not far from the true concept anyways).

Olashile Abayomi is the brain behind this online restaurant, SoupaMarket where people can order for a pot of soup and stew at an affordable price. According to her, SoupaMarket believes that no one regardless of their financial status should compromise the quality of food they feed themselves or their family with; thus that gave birth to SoupaMarket. She is currently trying her hands on food ingredients production and has so far produced her own Ofada sauce which she named Soup-A-Ofada as well as Soup-A-Pepper and Soup-A-Blend.

One thing that caught my attention is that from time to time, she does this charity thing for all these area boys. That is, she cooks food and distribute to those guys that usually loiters around under bridge at Ojuelegba axis of Lagos while also trying to share the gospel with them. It’s quite charitable if you ask me.

If you wish to know more about her, here are both her website and her Instagram handleWeb: www.soupamarket.com.ngInstagram: @Soupamarket