Meet the CEO of Cyndycanbraid

Cyndycanbraid is not just your random hair plug. although much is not known about the goddess of faux locks and braids the little I was able to gather is that she’s quite a private individual. The hair guru popularly called Cyndy but born Cynthia Ijeoma Oleru studied Science Lab Tech at the prestigious Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. She is born and breed in Lagos, Nigeria, and she’s said to be the second of four children. Cyndy attended Kemesther College which is situated at the heart of Aguda, Surulere.

Cyndycanbraid is a startup enterprise that has come to pitch its tent on hairstyling and hair-related products. Among the hair products includes but are not limited to crotchets braids, braid wigs, spring twists, etc. To know more about cyndycanbraid products and services, kindly visit her Instagram handle @Cyndycanbraid. 

I like it when young people are not just self-employed but create value for people which in turn benefits the society.

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