Jamal had Bassam sedated and got someone else with the same physique as did his brother. It was a common practice in Abuddin to cover the face of a person sentenced to death by hanging. After the country had thought that Bassam had been killed, his family fled to United States (although they did that before he was supposedly killed). Jamal didn’t want to have the blood of his brother on his hands so him and a soldier took Bassam to a dessert and dumped him there to die. Bassam obviously suffered for days in the dessert until he passed out. Some travelling merchant saw him and took him with the purpose of selling him for a fee. They took him to another part of the country known as Ma’an.

Ma’an is the richest city of Abuddin because it is a state in Abuddin that has oil. Insurgency led by Ihab Bin Rashid (a son of a Sheik) has already taken over that part of Abuddin because Jamal has gassed that city and over 1,000 persons including children died. It was so bad that the international body became interested in Abuddin asking for Jamal to step down.

Bassam was revived by these two men (they are brothers called Kassim and Munir) who picked him up from the dessert. Like I mentioned, their main aim was to sell him off so they needed to revive him before they could. But unfortunately for them, their father’s wife (their step mother) Daliyah found out and informed their father (her husband) Ahmos about it. When he became conscious, they asked him who he was and he lied about his identity. He said he was a prisoner who escaped from the prison and he’s name was Khalil. Although there were many attempts behind the scenes by Kassim and Munir to sell him off, their father and wife Daliyah protected and welcomed him to stay with them as long as he wished. Ahmos told people who cares that Khalil was his cousin from a distant land. Daliyah has a son named Ghani for Ahmos.

It was time for Daliyah to go for a 6 months course abroad on solar but her journey was cut short by Ihab Bin Rashid insurgents. They brought them back to Ma’an and killed the two foreigners but spared Daliyah for the sake of another insurgent Abu Omar who was interested in her sexually. Despite Ahmos plea that his wife should be returned to him fell on deaf ears. The insurgents invaded Ma’an and ordered every male from 15-60years to join their army. In the process, Ahmos was killed and asked Khalil to make him a promised that he will rescue Daliyah. Khalil who headed a group that fought against the Caliphate, rescued Daliyah and killed Samira in the process. Samira is the wife of Ihab Bin Rashid’s and daughter to Fauzi who happens to be Bassam Al Fayeed childhood and bosom friend. Fauzi is an anti-government journalist but had to flee Abuddin when his safety wasn’t guaranteed. He had begged his daughter Samira to run away with him to Amsterdam but she refused and join forces with the Caliphate. To cut the whole story short, Khalil defeated the caliphate with the help of the Abuddin soldiers which was made possible by Molly, Bassam’s wife.

After the defeat of the caliphate, the sitting president, Jamal Al Fayeed was asked to step down while someone else should take over. He was charged with various kinds of crime but might be granted asylum if he cooperated. Since it was a monarchy system of government that is been operated, Jamal’s son Ahmed was supposed to take over (although the Abuddin citizens were asking for a democracy). On the day he was supposed to announce his resignation on a live TV, he started his speech but at the surprise of many, he refused to resign. Everyone was surprised and so is Leila who has been scheming the post of the president for herself or for her son. It was at that moment Jamal’s daughter-in-law, Nasurat shot Jamal twice leaving him half dead. Nasurat is the wife of Ahmed Al Fayeed.

Although, it was an arranged marriage, Nasurat was looking forward to marrying Ahmed and the two seems to love each other. On the night of her wedding, her would be father-in-law (the president) raped her. She had been carrying the guilt all around. Even when she told her parents about the case, the president killed her father. To add to that, Nasurat was pregnant at some point to an heir to the throne and the child would have succeeded Ahmed Al Fayeed, but unfortunately, she lost the baby and her womb was removed to save her life. Since she can’t give birth again, her essence was no longer needed at the palace. The first lady made her a proposal, to fly her to any country of her choice and settle her financially so that she can continue her life and also leave Ahmed alone so that he can get someone else to produce him with a son and an heir to the throne.

Jamal Al Fayeed was rushed to the hospital while his brother Bassam Al Fayeed was made an Interim President pending when the election he promised will take place. The election date was announced and Bassam declared that he wasn’t interested in running for presidency. During one of the courtesy visit by the new First Lady, Molly Al Fayeed, she was accompanied by her daughter Emma but unfortunately, the caliphate had returned and Ihab Bin Rashid seek revenge for his late wife, Samira. The First Lady motorcade was attacked and in the process, Emma was kidnapped and was used as a bargaining chip with the President. Do you know what happened next? Was Emma Al Fayeed killed or rescued? Find out in the next part.