My Experience at Saki Oyo State

Have you heard or been to Saki? It was my host community during my NYSC and I spent one year of my life here and I’m glad I did. Without mincing words, Saki indigenes are extremely accomodating, especially to non-indigenes. I saw and felt the love. I enjoyed protection, free rides, and lots of them as a corper. I also made friends whom I now consider family. Although Saki is located in Oyo State it is pretty far from the city of Ibadan (4hrs + depending on the driver) and very close to the Republic of Benin border. You should try and explore this area if you’re looking forward to an adventurous experience. Saki is a developing area and it houses the following:

√ A polytechnic
√ An Army Barracks
√ Several Banks
√ Several standard primary and secondary schools
√ Standard shopping malls
√ Decent eateries centers and restaurants
√ Indigenous markets
√ Several functioning fueling stations, etc.

To enjoy your stay in Saki try and visit places like:

® Sango market: This place is considered the biggest market in Saki (I guess) cos lots of traders from neighboring villages do come here to trade. Although the market sells daily, its big day is always on Thursdays

® Gbawojo Market: This market is smaller compared to the Sango market. It is situated along BHS road. You can get basic household items here

® Almas Mall: This is the latest shopping mall in Saki. It’s just like the regular ShopRite you have in Lagos in terms of quality and not necessarily in size. Almas hosts lots of businesses and you can pretty much get anything you want there. Do not forget to get yourself an Almas bread when you visit here😜

® The Palace of Okere of Saki: The palace is at the heart of the city and I was opportune to enter the palace as per CLO level 😜 and I met with the Oba himself, HRH Oba Khalid. So when you visit, you may not have the opportunity to see the Oba but just snap at the gate 🙈🙈

® The Polytechnic: This polytechnic is called The Oke-Ogun Polytechnic Saki popularly called TOPS. It is situated along the road when entering Saki. If you visit Saki without entering this polytechnic, then your visit is not complete

® BHS: There is no way you will not hear the word BHS especially if you’re a copper. I think it is the biggest government school and probably the first cos I heard it has produced lots of dignitaries from that region. It is also a very big school. BHS stands for Baptist High School and it is so big that they named the road BHS. So your chances of hearing BHS when you visit are 90% high

® River Side: If you’re into grooving, there is no way you will not go to this place. Riverside is a relaxation center and has lodging facilities. It seems to be the biggest so far.

® Upper Kitchen (Sokoyokoto): This seemed to be the first-ever “tush” restaurant in this area and there is no way you will be asking where to eat and Sokoyokoto will not be mentioned. It’s just now that Almas and carwash came out that this name started dying down before I left.

There are other popular places like Koomi, Asabari Barracks, Carwash, Ayekale, Isle Taba, Magma, NAOWA Model School, BMC, etc.

Saki is predominantly a Muslim community and that explains why alcoholic beverages are not easily sold at random. To be very honest, Saki is the best place to be/serve. Thank you to all #Sakite for allowing me to explore your hometown 🙏.

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