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NNU Income is a Fraud like MMM

Nigerian news update popularly called NNU is said to be a news portal that pays individuals for reading news from their website. According to them, reading a post attract the sum of N2 to the reader while commenting is N1 per article. Sharing of sponsored posts per day is N100 while logging in to the news portal daily attracts the sum of N50 daily. By the time you accumulate the whole sum, an individual should be getting at least N15,000 and above monthly. Before one can be eligible for these above, one has to make a one-time payment of N1,600 for registering before enjoying the benefit. But this is all scam? How is NNU a scam? Let me explain further.

At first, NNU said that a person can be eligible to make a withdrawal from his/her account when a person reaches a threshold of N5,000 monthly. To make withdrawal faster, you can refer at least two other people (of which NNU will pay the participant N1,000 for referring a person). Although, NNU claims that a person can make a withdrawal whether or not he/she has a referral. Priority is always given to people with referral and UBA account numbers. This was the original agreement and this made a lot of people sign up with the news portal.

Later, the fraudulent brain behind NNU, Paul Samson increased the threshold to N20,000. That is, the normal activity earning (NARS) must be up to N20,000 before a participant can make a withdrawal. Still, participants do not necessarily need to refer people before he/she can cash out but priority is given to those with at least two referrals. Not too long again, he introduced another fraudulent means of ripping people off their earned income, WALLET. Now, he has made it compulsory that all participants must have referrals before they can make a withdrawal. That’s not even the bone of contention, the problem now is that:

  1. You must have at least N5,000 in your wallet before you can make a withdrawal.
  2. The money you are converting is from your referral bonus and not from the normal activity (NARS). This means a participant needs to have at least 5 referrals before he/she can make a withdrawal
  3. That also means that the amount in the NARS account is irrelevant because participants cannot convert them
  4. It also means that NNU cannot pay more than N5,000 per month to a participant

If you do not see the problem here then it’s unfortunate. Paul Samson is not doing anybody any favor by paying them for reading news on his portal. These people are rendering services to him and he’s benefitting from it too. Besides, these people registered with N1,600 and there are over 50,000 participants. Do the math yourself! Hundreds of persons have over N20,000 in their NARS account they can’t withdraw despite registering with their money, burning data, and littering their social media walls with his content and all other resources they are putting into it. This is extremely evil.

My candid advice to you all is to forget this Nigerian MMM called NNU. It’s a scam and fraud. He’s only enriching himself. He pays only a small fraction of participants and forces them to sing his praises. For you to know he’s a fraudster, he disabled the comment section of the Facebook group because people are beginning to ask questions that he can’t provide answers to. Mark my words, this NNU will collapse just like MMM did and you all will come to realize it. But before it’s too late, stop wasting your time and data, stop littering your social media walls while he keeps enjoying all the benefits you are working for. He’s using you guys to earn traffic to his site and get paid by AdSense. If he says he’s not a fraudster, let him unblock his Facebook comment section and let people pour out their hearts. Forget all those people winning 1 million nairas, Na dem. A word is enough for wise.

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