Most times when we start a new relationship (either platonic or romantic) we usually dedicate our time and probably resources to ensure we spend more time with such person or people. However, as time goes on, we realize that there is a decline in the communication process. The truth is that everyone is busy (It’s either you are busy doing something or you are busy doing nothing) but I usually frown at it when people use this phrase “Am busy” as an excuse to dump or bail out in a relationship. You don’t understand? I will explain.

You see, like I mentioned earlier, everyone is busy and out of our busy schedules we create time for those whom we want to see or be with. People only stop seeing the need to be with you or might have gotten what they wanted hence the phrase “Am busy”. Ask yourself this simple and honest questions. When you ‘guys’ first met, wasn’t he/she a busy personDid he/she created time for you guys to see or hook upWas the communication much better then than now despite him/her been busy?

See, the truth is not far-fetched. Once you start getting this vibes, then I think it’s about time you brace up for landing to avoid stories that touches the heart.