I hate commenting on religious related issues because I really don’t like social media fights or call outs. The problem with us (Nigerians) is that we are too sentimental and not factual or we do not say things the way they are. I really do not believe in generalizing things e.g Christians are this or Muslims are that. I think it’s an individual thing. Because someone shouted Allahu Akbar and bombed a place doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrorists or just because someone who bears a Christian name condemns another religion and that automatically makes all Christians evil?

Several months ago, I read about a particular Muslim lady who was not called to bar because she was putting on a hijab. That I personally feel is unjust because the constitution guarantees freedom of religion and also against discrimination. So why was she denied her rights after completing her academics work? I felt the NBA owes her a public apology because if hijab is a mandatory requirement for her religion, then you have to let them use it. I’m probably saying using the supreme constitution (which supecedes any other bye-laws) as my reference point. Although I stand to be corrected.

Muslims are part of my closest friends. We are good friends because we respect our religious rights and beliefs. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s an individual thing. If only we as an individual can respect each others religious beliefs, then there won’t be any problem of Christian this or Muslim that. Thanks for reading my boring epistle.