They say God answers our prayers and work in mysterious ways? Right? Now I have a question that has been bothering me for a while now and I have decided to ask. I do not want to use anybody as an example so let me assume here.

Let’s assume that a girl named Miss A is a graduate, unemployed and broke. Then she received a call that her mother has had a fatal accident, rushed to the hospital and needed to be operated on. The doctor then asked for the sum of a N100,000 before Miss A’s mother could be attended to. Miss A been broke and jobless is obviously confused and helpless. She decided to visit families (both maternal and paternal) and friends but everyone turned her down with lots of excuses. She says some prayers to God and asked for his divine help. She sincerely hope on God as her last resort. Moments after her prayers, some random rich toaster of hers (I mean someone who has been wooing her) called her up for a met up which she obliged to. They met over a dinner and later retired to a hotel where they had sexual pleasure. When she was leaving, the dude gave her the sum of N150,000 out of his benevolence thus she was able to pay for her mother’s hospital bill and she got better afterwards.

Now my questions, Did God actually answered her prayers? If yes, but she sinned?  I will really appreciate sincere answers with logical reasoning