There is no tertiary institution in Nigeria that do not have cultism issue; just that the way they operate varies from one institution to the other. To be honest with you, cult members hardly harass student to join their secret group except they find you as a potential candidate. You may be wondering why? Well, take a look below

  1. DATING: This is the number 1 reason why some cult members will come after you. This can be either that you are dating their boyfriend/girlfriend or you are dating the most influential or beautiful/handsome boy/girl on campus. Am not saying it is bad to date in school, but I think you should focus more on what has brought you to that environment
  2. SMOKING: This is another reason they will come after you especially if you are the type that smokes Indian hemp, marijuana or take hard drug. Since it’s not something that is sold publicly but in some ‘coded’ areas, these guys loiters around there. They will definitely look for you or you will walk into their midst yourself, it’s just matter of time.
  3. LIFESTYLE: The way you live your life in and around campus is another factor. Are you flashy in everything you do? Who are your friends and what do they represent? Do the math yourself
  4. TRUANCY: No one will ask you why you don’t attend lectures or come to school but do not be marveled, eyes are watching you. You know most of these cult people are not academically sound, they also need people of their sort
  5. FIGHTING: If one of your hobbies is fighting, then you can be an asset to them. Remember that the only thing that gives them joy is to destroy. Since you find delight in destruction, they will quickly come for you and welcome you.