Once a person commits suicide, everyone comes to social media to say “they could have spoken to them” but they forget that many a times, these victims try to reach out to people whom they never get any response from. We are very good at showing fake love when someone is dead. Be there for people! Tragedy mustn’t strike before you remember people and write epistle for them!

Granted, everyone is preoccupied with lots of things and most of us have little or no time for ourselves but learn to reach out to people INDIVIDUALLY! Helping people must not be all about money. Sometimes these people do not need your money but your attention. Even if they need your money, give what you can afford GENUINELY and WHOLESOULED. Just give them part of that money you could use to transport yourself to their funeral or to buy a customized T-Shirt; and give it to them to make wise use of it while they are alive. You mustn’t be rich to help. Little things count!

We self we need to do normal when people reach out to us. No be when person call you just to check up on you, you go start to dey bill am. I know that’s one of the reasons people don’t check up or visit others. Normalized been checked up on without you demanding. We also should not cultivate the habit of beggy beggy so that people will know when we actually need help. You too also try and help others as much as you can so that when it’s your turn, people will rise up for you too. Whatever goes around, comes around!