Some Appalling and Inappropriate Responses

There are some conversations that I consider rude and inappropriate and I will list as many as I can remember. I know I can’t be the only one who shares this sentiment alone. When someone chats you up with the word “good morning”, it is appropriate at least to reply to them with the same good morning and that’s if you don’t want to be extra. But I consider it rude when someone texts you “good morning” and you reply with “morning”. That’s some BS if you ask me.

There is no big deal replying in the same way. I will even appreciate it if you abbreviate your good morning to GM. At least it makes sense more than just “morning”. Why omit the “good” from the “morning”? Does the person want to eat the “good”? Like how many seconds exactly will it take to add “good” to the morning the person you’re texting back?

Another appalling response is when someone says a greeting to you such as “good morning, fine, thanks, etc. and you reply with “same here”. Like what is “same here”? What’s the big deal in saying yours back? How many seconds will it take you to say yours back or answer or acknowledge what was said to you?

Another one is replying to a statement or a conversation with “k”. Not even with Ok or okay? This is seriously appalling and can kill the vibe of the conversation.

Personally, if I am chatting with someone and the person is fond of any of these I have listed above, I usually find it very difficult to even converse with them. I cannot be wasting my strength and energy with someone who can’t take out time to chat with me properly and appropriately. We do not belong or share the same sentiment and it is only wise for us to keep to ourselves and stop deceiving ourselves.

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