Have you had a conversation with a typical stanner? Oh you do not understand what I mean by a “stanner” that is “stanning”? lol alright I will explain.

I do not know if the word “stanning” is a correct English language but to “stan” means to support. Like I said, I do not know maybe it is slangs in this part of the world I live in but here, when someone is “stanning” someone it simply means that the person is supporting someone.

Well this is not the reason why I am writing this post. I am compelled to write this cos the way some people stan their favs (fav stands for favourite celebrities) is quite appalling. Must your fav be my fav? Or must I believe what you believe about whom you endorse? Or am I not also entitled to my own opinions? You will see people legitly calling out someone simply because they disagree with their opinion on who they are stanning.

Take BBN for example. I am not really a great fan of watching BBN but due to some stanners toxic stanning, I have come to realise who some of the housemates were even without watching it. I have seen some people who are willing and ready to engage in fisticuffs simply because you are either not stanning their favs the way they expected you to or you’re against them totally. It is high time people realise that everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

For crying out loud, it’s just a freaking opinion and not facts or true. Opinions could be an assumption na. Make una try to dey get sense small small mbok and stan your stan while also allowing people stan theirs too.