Stop Hating your Uncles and Aunties

Stop hating or holding grudges against your aunties, uncles, and other family members whom you think are financially well to do but have refused to help you. The truth remains that it is not their responsibility to cater to you or help you. As sad as it might sound, it is the responsibility of your parents to cater to and take care of you. It is their responsibility to ensure that you have at least the basic things you need to have a normal life pending when you will be strong enough to stand on your own.

So if you must be angry at someone for not helping you have a headstart in life, channel that anger to your parents. Truth is bitter but it has to be spoken somehow. The uncles and aunties you’re busy hating also have their responsibilities. Now imagine if your uncles and aunties’ children are angry at your parents for not helping them because just the way you’re a niece/nephew to your uncles and aunties in the same way your cousins are to your parents. Learn to channel your energy properly and blame the right people.

Another reason you should stop hating or holding grudges against your uncles and aunties is that they may also be struggling financially too. For the fact that people have beautiful houses, cars, fancy clothes, or businesses does not translate that they have enough money every day. Do not forget that the more money someone has got, the more responsibility. Some of these wealthy people you see run most of their business with money borrowed from investors or financial houses. So there is a need for you to cut slack that entitlement spirit and know that no one is outrightly owing you anything.

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