Stop saying Inbox for Price, It kills your Business

There is nothing I hate more in this life than this. Somebody will advertise goods or services on social media and someone will ask how much, the next thing you will hear is “inbox for price“. Like seriously? I should inbox you for the price? This shit pisses me off like mad. It shows you ain’t ready for business.  

See let me tell you, that’s very childish, unprofessional, and uncalled for. It shows either you ain’t ready for business, your product or service is fake or you are a fraudster. That’s what I feel when people say so. If you believe that the product you sell or the services you render is good and genuine, then you should have a benchmark. You should have an actual amount you can’t go below and stick to that rather than this inbox me for price and stop killing your business with your own hands. 

Stop destroying your business by yourself

Do you know how many people who had lost interest when they ask you for a price in a comment section and you say inbox for the price? Oh, you wanna say “the customer that God says is yours will be yours no matter what“?  Issorite, continue.

I have sha borrow you the money that I have. If you like to continue, if you like don’t stop and act right, it’s none of my business.

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