This is going to be a really short post but I just needed to write this. I have watched several American series such as Scandal, Tyrant, House of Cards etc., to realize that the work of a President is enormous. We really need to be honest here, the work of any President of a country is really not an easy task. Although it’s natural of us to expect 100% attention and solution from them but we also need to be truthful to ourselves that it’s really not possible. Let’s also remember that they have families and personal matters which are also begging for their attention. They feel pain, anxious, angry, bitter, happy, overwhelmed etc., just like we all do. Let’s try and make their work easier by been considerate no matter what.

To be frank, it’s not easy at all. Just imagine been a class captain in a school and see how difficult it is to control your fellow students not talk of controlling fellow adults. So the next time they do something that we don’t like, we should be constructive rather than condemning or abusive. Shalom.