Frustration of the Nigerian Banking System

This our banking system no get part two. They can frustrate and disappoint someone when you needed them the most. Imagine going to an ATM to perform some transactions only to either get your atm card stuck or debited without giving you cash. This is highly frustrating indeed. The most annoying part is that if your ATM card is different from the ATM you are using, you instantly have to forget that and go to your bank to be reissued another one which will cost you nothing less than N1,000.

Then when you try using mobile banking, if you mistakenly carry out a transaction when your internet connection is poor, forget it, you will be debited and a reversal might not be done for up to 2weeks. I don’t know if we have gotten to that stage where we should adopt cashless transactions or internet banking. They are nice innovations but the frustration that comes from them is far more than the benefit. 


What do you think? 

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