Things you must consider when engaging in Rag Day

In my last post I talked about what RAG Day is. If you missed it, kindly read it HERE. Like i said, inasmuch as Rag day is a fun day for most students, it will be appropriate to keep these safety tips in mind when ragging.

  1. USE YOUR SCHOOL ID: During your RAG activities, always wear your school ID Card around your neck. This will set up apart from the real lunatic people and also save you from embarrassment of all sort
  2. AVOID TOO MUCH: Too much make up, dress up and the likes should be avoided. Moderation is always preferable
  3. USE OFFICIAL ITEMS: Always use whatever that is provided when RAGGING. This can include the can and sticker
  4. BE SECURITY CONSCIOUS: Always be security conscious even if you are among friends. Do not be too carried away when ragging
  5. BE CONTENDED: Although RAG day is meant for helping less-privileged students however, you should not forget that it is meant to be for fun. Don’t be over-ambitious in raising money

Remember that RAG DAY should be for fun and not that you are not INSANE.

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